Lunati Signature Series SBC Chevy 6.125" CNC Race Connecting Rods #60161251-8

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Brand New Lunati Signature Series Race Connecting Rods for Small Block Chevrolet V8 Applications; the Highest Quality Rods you can Purchase for your Race Engine. CNC Machined 4340 Forged Steel Construction, Weight-Matched to ± 1.0 Grams & Utilize 7/16" x 1.550" ARP Cap Screws. Lunati 
Part #60161251-8.

Connecting Rod Specs:

  • Length: 6.125"
  • Crank Journal O.D.:  2.100"
  • Wrist Pin O.D.:  .927"
  • Average Weight: 652gms

Full Manufacturer's description under the picture below. 
Product Representation: Actual parts may vary based on configuration ordered.    

Manufacturer's Description:

Lunati Signature series connecting rods are the highest quality rods you can purchase for your race engine. They are forged from 4340 aircraft quality steel and CNC machined using the latest technology. After machining each unit is shot peened, magnafluxed and sonic tested to ensure that the material is free from impurities and defects. The rods are fully deburred so machining and further deburring is unnecessary, and the threads are back cut and radiused above the bolt and have large radii on both the large and small ends.

Signature Series Rods feature Ampco 45 bushings and file hardened locators, as well as 7/16" x 1.550" ARP 2000 cap screws. Sets are weight matched to ± 1.0 grams.



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