Brand New COMP Cams Pro Racing Sim Fast Lap Sim 5 Software #181701

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Brand New Copy of COMP Cams Pro Racing Sim FastLapSim5™ Advanced Closed-Course Vehicle-Dynamics Simulation Software. 

Brake hard into a turn...then nail the throttle and send the engine through its power curve until it reaches peak engine rpm...once again slam on the brakes and dive into the next, repeat this one hundred times! Evaluating suspension, tires, gear ratios, camshafts, headers, and the hundreds other components that make up a competitive road-course vehicle is an expensive and never-ending job. FastLapSim5 lets you accurately simulate vehicle components, try unique combinations, and test the entire race car before you twist a single wrench. And it’s fun, too!




What You Can Do With FastLapSim5:

  • Design, Build, And Track-Test Any Vehicle In Seconds

  • Pick From List Of Tracks Or Design Any Closed Course

  • Design Any Track, Any Number Turns, Ovals, Autocrosses!

  • Displays Real-Time Runs From Overhead Track View

  • See The Potential Of Any Component Combination

  • Displays Full Telemetry Data For Each Run

  • Enter And Test Any Engine Power Curve

  • Imports DynoSim5 and DeskTop Dyno5 Engine Files

  • Evaluate Wide Range Of Suspension Components

  • Test Drivelines, Gear Ratios, Tires, Wheels, And More!

  • Evaluate Wing And Body Aerodynamics, Lift And Drag

  • Display & Print Vehicle Specs, Telemetry, Performance

  • Run Back-To-Back Tests, Find The Best Combinations

  • Easy-To-Use, Advanced Data-Entry Interface

  • ProTools™ Add Even More Professional Features

  • Automatic Updates Over The Web!

Tune These Key Elements:

  • Any Closed-Course Track

  • Any Vehicle, Wheelbase, Weight, Aero Properties

  • Front/Rear Track Width, CG Location

  • Front And/Or Rear Wing Length, Width, Angle

  • Any Engine Power Curve

  • Load/Modify DynoSim5 or DeskTop Dyno5 Engine Files

  • 1- to 6-Speed Transmissions, Clutch Or Automatic

  • Any Transmission, Gears Or Rear-Axle Ratios

  • Front- Or Rear-Wheel Drive

  • Any Spring Rate, Damper, Tires, Brakes

  • Brake Bias Adjustable Front/Rear

  • A-Arms, Struts, Swing, Or Custom Suspension Specs

  • Front And Rear Anti-Roll Bar Rates With Calculator

  • Driving Styles, Driver Error Considerations/Limitations

  • Driver Steering Response Time, Shift Time

  • Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Elevation

  • And More! Our Most Powerful Vehicle-Dynamics Road/Track Simulation!



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