Brand New COMP Cams Pro Racing Sim Desktop Drag 5 Software #186401

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Brand New Copy of COMP Cams Pro Racing Sim DesktopDrag5™ Software for Building & Drag Racing Vehicles on your PC. 

The DeskTop Drag5 is a powerful 1/4- and 1/8-mile straightline vehicle simulation from ProRacing Sim and COMP Cams. This easy-to-use program that lets you analyze the acceleration potential of any automobile, dragster, or even motorcycle on your PC! A custom user interface displays parts on the left and results on the right. Use Direct-Click™ menus to easily select parts or enter your own custom specs. Test a virtually unlimited range of component combinations. Display acceleration, engine speeds, elapsed times, aerodynamic drag, clutch and tire slippage, and much more!


What You Can Do With The DeskTop Drag:

  • Design, Build, And Test Any Drag Vehicle In Seconds

  • Simulates Automobiles, Dragsters, and Motorcycles

  • Model Front- Or Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

  • Models 1/8- Or 1/4-Mile Drag Races

  • Instantly See The Potential Of Any Component

  • Pop-Up TimeSlip™ Gives Performance Overview

  • Display & Print Vehicle Data And Color Graphics

  • Test Driveline, Gear Ratios, Tires, Wheels, And More!

  • Easy-To-Use, Error-Checking Interface

  • Plus Automatic Updates Over The Web!

Tune These Key Vehicle Components:

  • Any Engine Power Curve In Detailed HP Entry Dialog

  • Easily Import DeskTop Dyno5 And DynoSim5  Engines

  • Even Test Jet/Rocket Propulsion

  • 1- to 6-Speed Transmissions

  • Clutch Or Torque Converter (Any Stall Speed)

  • Any Trans Or Rear-Axle Ratios

  • Any Motorcycle Primary Ratio

  • Vehicle Weight, % On Driving Wheels, Wheelbase

  • Frontal Area, Aero Drag, Driving Tire Width

  • Static And Tire-Growth Diameters

  • Traction, Launch, Shift, Tire Slip, and Redline Rpms

  • Shift Times

  • Rollout Staging Distance

  • Temperature, Humidity, Wind, & Elevation

  • And More! A Powerful Vehicle-Dynamics Simulation!


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