1 Quart Comp Cams Muscle Car & Street Rod 15W-50 Engine Oil w/Zinc & Phosphorus

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1 Quart of COMP Cams Muscle Car & Street Rod 15W-50 Engine Oil with Zinc & Phosphorus. Part #1595.


Manufacturer's Description:

The Muscle Car & Street Rod Engine Oils from COMP Cams® are specifically designed to be used in engines that experience extended periods of storage. The oils utilize a blended synthetic formula fully approved for use in engines originally equipped with mineral oil. They provide all the benefits of mineral oil without the unwanted extras that lead to rust and corrosion. Designed for regular use, these oils will not create sludge, varnish or choke internal engine surfaces, and they are compatible with all gaskets and seals.

The Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oils contain “corrosion fighting” additives, detergents and optimum amounts of ZDDP (Zinc and Phosphorous) for anti-wear protection, even after long periods of storage. These heavily tested and dyno proven oils improve cold starts and protect internal engine components, particularly the camshaft and lifters, in both flat tappet and roller valve trains.

The COMP Cams® Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oils are fully-formulated and require no additives or supplements. In addition, both popular weights are fully compatible with gasoline and methanol.

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