New ZEX 55-75HP Nissan Sentra Saturn SL/SC EFI Dry Nitrous System #82014

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Brand New Zex Nitrous Oxide 55-75HP EFI Dry Nitrous System. Color: Purple. Designed to work with the following applications: 1991-98 Nissan Sentra SE/SE-R or 1991-95 Saturn SC/SL. ZEX Part #82014.

Manufacturer's Description:

ZEX™ Dry Nitrous Systems incorporate the patented Active Fuel Control™ which monitors the nitrous bottle pressure andadjusts fuel enrichment to achieve the perfect mixture. This ensures your engine will never run too rich or too lean when you engage the nitrous system. ZEX™ nitrous activates at wide-open throttle using an electronic switch that monitors yourengine’s TPS sensor. The design ensures that your nitrous is engaged at the perfect wide-open throttle position every time. The design of the ZEX™ Dry Nitrous System makes it a simple and easy, 2 hour installation.

  • All major components are factory pre-assembled inside the Nitrous Management Unit
  • A complete “Dry” system - everything is included for a safe, proper installation
  • Designed to work safely on both stock and high performance, normally aspirated engines; ideal for many fuel injected performance vehicles

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