FAST Universal 4-Cylinder 8.5mm FireWire Cut-To-Fit Spark Plug Wires #255-0041

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New FAST 8.5mm FireWire Spark Plug wires. Universal Cut-To-Fit Set for 4-Cylinder Applications. FAST Part #255-0041.

Wire Set Features:

  • Spark Plug Boot: Straight
  • Distributor Terminal: HEI / Socket
  • Heat Sleeve: NO

Manufacturer's Description:

Universal FireWire® Kits 
The FAST® FireWire® Universal Kits are designed to allow you to route and cut your wires to fit exactly how you prefer. Each wire is supplied with the spark plug terminal and boot installed and the distributor side loose. HEI style and socket terminals and boots, along with a coil wire side, are included with each kit.