New FAST GM TPI Ford 5.0L Multiport Pre-Wired Retro-Fit EZ-EFI® Kit #302000

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Brand New FAST GM TPI / Ford 5.0L Multiport Retro-Fit EZ-EFI® Kit with  Pre-Wired HarnessPart #302000. 

Full Manufacturer's Description:
The EZ-EFI® Multiport Retro-Fit kit is offered to bring all the benefits of FAST’s™  award winning EZ-EFI® system to existing factory or aftermarket equipped multi-port fuel injected engine – including GM’s TPI engines, Fords 5.0L engines, and others.  
The kit includes:
  • Self tuning ECU
  • Wideband oxygen sensor (with fitting and plug)
  • Handheld user interface
  • Tach adapter
  • Multi-Port wiring harness 
The wiring harness is completely pre-wired and labeled for a simple installation.  It includes connectors for early style GM sensors (coolant temp, air temp, TPS, MAP and IAC) such as those found on a GM Tuned Port engine.  All of these sensors are available from FAST™ individually or in kit form.  FAST™ also offers a Ford style TPS that is directly compatible with the harness.  Or the harness can be modified to accept any 0-5V TPS.  The rest of the sensors need to be GM style parts. Wiring adapters are available from FAST™ to accommodate a later style GM TPS (round, 3 pin connector) or IAC (in-line, 4 pin connector).  Also available are a remote mounted IAC kit and an adapter for installing an early GM IAC on a Ford throttle body.  
The harness is wired for eight traditional “Minitimer” style injectors.  Injector adapters or connector kits are available from FAST™ to adapt the harness to newer “USCAR” style injectors.  The EZ-EFI® system must be used with high impedance injectors.  A wide range of high impedance injectors are available from FAST™.
The EZ-EFI® system must be used with a vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator.  Returnless fuel systems can not be used.  FAST™ offers an adjustable regulator that is ideally suited for use with EZ-EFI®.  Various fuel system kits are also available.  One in particular was designed specifically for the original EZ-EFI® throttle body system.  It includes, among other things, the FAST™ fuel pressure regulator, a fuel pump and a fuel pressure gauge.  Also included is a fuel pump relay harness that is plug-n-play with the Multi-Port EZ-EFI® wiring harness.