New 9.5" TCI 2800-3500 Stall 1992-95 Honda Drag Race Torque Converter #641000

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  • $ 299.99

Brand New TCI Honda Drag Race Torque Converter 
for a 1992-1995 Civic equipped with a 
1.6 VTEC or 1.5 non-VTEC engines and KA-4AT or KL-4AT 4-speed automatic transmissions. TCI Part #641000.

The new Honda 9 ½" torque converter is a direct replacement for the above mentioned applications & with a stall speed of 2800-3500, the converter retains the stock lock-up clutch, and shows no adverse effects concerning heat, slippage or gas mileage. In testing, the TCI torque converter picked up time over a ½ second in the ¼ mile and increased MPH. A must for every Honda racer at this price! Normal retail: $819.99  

Full Manufacturer's description under the pictures below

Product Representation: Actual parts may vary based on configuration ordered.



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