New Comp Cams 10° Titanium Super Locks w/Lash Cap Recess for 11/32" Stem #638-16

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Brand New Set of Sixteen (16) COMP Cams 10° Titanium Super Locks .


COMP Cams Part #638-16.
Full Manufacturer's description under the pictures & specs below . 

Valve Lock Specs:

  • Description:  Titanium, with Lash Cap Recess.
  • Lock Angle: 10°
  • Valve Stem Size:   11/32"

Product Representation: Actual parts may vary based on configuration ordered.    

Manufacturer Description:

These Titanium Super Locks™ with lash cap recess feature a 10° lock angle and 11/32" valve stem size. They are recommended for all race applications because Titanium Super Locks™ have a wider angle (10°) that better distributes the ever increasing valve spring loads over the retainer than typical 7° locks. Precision-machined out of super-tough, fatigue-resistant metal alloy, Titanium Super Locks™ are the ultimate in accuracy and fit any COMP Cams® 10° retainer.



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