1 COMP Cams .700-.800 Lift 1.539 Dia Elite Race Dirt/Late Model Valve Spring

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Single (1) COMP Cams Elite Race Double Valve Spring for Roller Camshaft application. Widely used in Dirt or Asphalt Late Model and Sportsman racing, as well as marine racing. COMP Cams Part #26097-1.


Valve Spring Specs:

  • Outside Diameter: 1.539"
  • Inside Diameter: .731"
  • Seat Load: 195 @ 2.000"
  • Open Load: 563 @ 1.250"
  • Coil Bind: 1.135"
  • Spring Rate (lbs/inch): 490
  • Max Lift: .750"+

Manufacturer's Description:

Elite Race™ Double Valve Springs from COMP Cams® have a .750″+ maximum lift and outside diameter of 1.539″. Engineered with enhanced processing for middle level fatigue resistance and designed to work with roller cams, they are widely used in Dirt or Asphalt Late Model and Sportsman racing, as well as marine racing. These Elite Race™ Valve Springs will also work in some high end flat tappet applications.

The metallurgists at COMP Cams® scrutinize every piece of metal utilized in the creation of Elite Race Valve Springs to make sure they are of unsurpassable quality because fissures within the metal of standard spring wire, caused by molecular contaminants, are the weakest link in valve spring construction. These fissures appear to be immense under the Scanning Electron Microscope but in fact, are just microns wide. Diminishing the occurrence of these fissures in our valve spring steel is the COMP Cams® standard when selecting materials.