Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft for BBC Chevy 4.750" Stroke 6.700 Rod 2pc Seal 70447502

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Brand New Lunati 4340 Steel Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft for a 396-454ci GM Big Block Chevrolet V8. Part #70447502.
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Crankshaft Specs:
  • 4.750" Stroke
  • 6.700" Rod Length
  • 2.750" Main Journal O.D.
  • 2.200" Rod Journal O.D.
  • For 2-Piece Rear Main Seal Block
Full Manufacturer's description under the picture below. 
Product Representation: Actual parts may vary based on configuration ordered.    

Manufacturer's Description:
The new line of Voodoo crankshafts from Lunati gives users the option of an affordable crankshaft with features similar to those of high end race products. Engineered from 4340 forged non-twist steel that is known for its durability and strength in high heat applications, all Voodoo cranks are nitride heat treated with micropolished journals to add even further durability and hardness. Lightening holes in the rod journals reduce crankshaft inertia weight for faster rotation.



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