Comp Cams Chevrolet V8 Coated Tool Steel Solid Lifters for Steel Cores 89842C-16

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New set of Sixteen (16) COMP Cams Tool Steel Solid/Mechanical Lifters with Oiling Hole. For use in Big Block or Small Block Chevrolet V8 Engines with .842" lifter bore diameter. Coated for use on camshafts using steel cores. Part #89842C-16.


Manufacturer's Description:

Specs – .842" diameter; 76g weight; 1.88" seat height

Tool Steel Lifters from COMP Cams® are engineered from M2-grade Tool Steel for its hardness and ability to resist abrasion. Lighter weight but with the same strength as regular steel, these heavy-duty are non-coated, making them perfect for use on cast cams with or without Nitriding.

  • Extremely tough and strong, yet lighter in weight than regular steel
  • Wear resistance requires less power to run valve train and lowers friction, heat and oil temps
  • Three diameters available in DLC coated, non-coated and non-coated EDM versions